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Film Review: WILD ZERO

Posted in Film Review by thomthumb84 on February 17, 2010
Wild Zero

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The story of  wannabe rock star Ace, the rock band Guitar Wolf,  and a transsexual named Tobio, battling against zombies and evil managers is a departure from the average Zombie flick but still pulls off something pretty incredible.

Despite basing as much emphasis upon showcasing Guitar Wolf and their music as it does upon plot, acting, or scripting, the movie is a brilliant take on the Zombie genre- merging the band’s outrageously cool attitude into a world of blood and guts akin to the best moments in Evil Dead II.

If this were not enough the plot segues into a superb love story- not only between ‘Tobio’ and the hapless ‘Ace’ but also between a pair of love torn zombies, who finally find each other towards the end of the movie. It is an incredible assimilation of genres and styles which I have not seen executed so well since ‘Happiness of the Katakuris’.

And Guitar Wolf are INCREDIBLE. If zombies do ever walk the earth I know whose concert I want to be at when it starts. They dispatch the undead without losing an iota of rock ‘n’ roll cool with merely the odd comb of the hair or tilt of their permanently donned sunglasses to reflect their temperament. The band’s music, which stands at centre stage of the movie really, is a superb scream of distortion-heavy rock and roll which gives the entire film a fantastic bite and finish.

All of this is helped by Director Tetsuro Takeuchi’s previous experience making music videos. The whole movie has the feel of a video and because of this every line, every movement, and every unexpected and surreal event blends seamlessly and keeps you engaged.

Unsurprisingly there is a drinking game extra on the DVD which perfectly encapsulates what I mean: You have to drink a beer every time someone drinks, someone combs their hair, fire shoots out of anything, anyone says ‘Rock n Roll’, something explodes, or a zombie’s head explodes. Few movies promise such potential as a drinking game alone.

I love zombie movies and I have had my snobbish moments of dismissing those which messed with the formula, or attempted to inject too much humour or unnecessary plot into proceedings but I just love Wild Zero. It’s violent, stupid, surreal, it has a great soundtrack and more than any else it is really damn cool.

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