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Daily Web Wander: 25th August 2010

Posted in Daily Web Wander by thomthumb84 on August 25, 2010
The Jimi Hendrix Experience performs for Dutch...

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In an effort to contribute at least something to this blog on a daily basis (and without an awful lot of creative energy flowing through me) I thought I would begin putting down a list of some websites that I have been checking out that might interest or entertain you. ENJOY!

Wallace & Co restaurant review in The Guardian – “The cooking at Gregg Wallace‘s debut as a restaurateur wouldn’t make it even to the first round of Masterchef”:

Simon Heffer‘s style notes in The Telegraph– Blog of emails sent to Telegraph reporters bitching about pedantic crap. Invaluable lesson for wannbe journalists such myself. Has only done one recently but hopefully more will come up again soon!:

BT Ad Banned Over Broadband Speed Claims: I have always loved those mini-dramas in adverts like the old Nescafe adverts with Antony Head and Sharon Maughn or the old ‘Papa! Nicole!” Renault Clio adverts. The BT storyline is brilliant and has done its job getting press coverage recently as this proves:
A bit less brilliant when BT mash the figures up a bit though:

The Edge of Violence, A Radical approach to extremism – A really interesting paper from the Demos think tank that tries to discern the difference between violent and non-violent radicals:

Jimi Hendrix‘s London flat opened to the public in The Telegraph:

The animals that pass through Heathrow in The FT:

A picture a day keeps the tyrants away from New Statesman – “From Hogarth and Gillray through Vicky and Jak to Steve Bell, Fluck and Law, cartooning has served as a vital corrective to political posturing. Now, it is rediscovering its old power as a red rag to despots”:

Dogs: face to face with my worst enemy in The Guardian – Many Muslims, growing up in devout households, are taught that dogs are dirty and scary. So could Sarfraz Manzoor learn to love Cookie the bulldog?:

Homeless people give an alternative guide to London in The Guardian – Homeless tour guides have been signed up to give visitors to the capital an alternative view of London’s landmarks (Plus I learnt the word ‘squally’):


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