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Cake Britain at The Future Gallery

Posted in Art by thomthumb84 on August 27, 2010

Normally a preview night for an exhibition results in a hangover from too much red wine and a serious case of wind from an over abundance of canapés. But in the case of the preview night for Cake Britain at the Future Gallery I think it might have resulted in a serious case of diabetes.

In keeping with the general theme of the exhibition cupcakes abounded. And not just any cupcakes. These things were like little slices of cake drowned and flattened in the densest icing cream you have ever tried to get your chops around.

Rather disappointingly the traditional cheap but cheerful red wine was replaced by a pretty pissy punch, served in the ‘ever-so-ironic teacup’, involving Courvoisier (the sponsors of the venue). The punch, working in co-ordination with the cupcakes, provided just that little bit more sugar than is right and I felt a bit nauseous and irritable.

My girlfriend, who had spent the day in (what I like to believe) was a rather idyllic 1950’s-cookery-show-style session of baking cookies with her friend, had already consumed more than the healthy quantity of the white stuff (sugar, man. Not the marching powder) and was positively flying (while occasionally having serious stomach concerns). In this fashion we set out to check out the exhibition. Which is OK. I guess.

It was all very fun and ‘wacky’. Two really appealed to me (and I apologise if I get the names wrong as I am sort of checking the names off other sites);  Futureheads ‘The Chaos’ Lyrics’ by Miss Cakehead was a cool idea – a letter shaped biscuit for each letter in the lyrics to the song. It looked liked it would take fucking ages to do and I always sort of like that. I see very little reasonsing behind it though.

And ‘The Cloud Cuckoo Wedding Cake’ was great – a sort of interpretation of the weird, enclosed, world of celebrity as ‘Bradjelina’ sit atop a trippy wedding cake with meringue clouds floating overhead. It’s a fun way of saying something  bigger and I like that kind of thing.

I was far less impressed with one of the pieces on the floor. I think it was called ‘toucan’ or something? It looked a bit like an oil spill or something and I get the impression that some of whatever it was had melted. Looked a bit crap really.

There were some other nice pieces too. One called ‘Captain Freetrade’ was fun and interesting but it just looked like somone had made a cool cake rather than it being art in itself. (Does that make sense?)

All in all I was surprised by just how few pieces there actually were and those that were there did not feel incredibly groundbreaking. Plus there was no wine. Better luck next time.


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