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Daily Web Wander: 27th August 2010

Posted in Daily Web Wander by thomthumb84 on August 27, 2010
Modern wind energy plant in rural scenery.

Image via Wikipedia

Feed-in programs: Spent my morning frantically trying to find information on renewable energy feed-in policies for an article so thought I would whack some sites down I was looking at:

‘Ground Zero mosque’? The reality is less provocative – Brilliant article by Charlie Brooker:

In Mongolia, the Horse-Headed Fiddle Rides Again – “While some efforts to resuscitate traditional Mongolian culture have foundered, the broad revival of the morin khuur, or “horse-headed fiddle,” has brought an ancient sound back into the mainstream”:

Mum’s Miracle Cuddle Brings Baby Back To Life – My favourite article of the day. It made me a little bit sad, then very happy:

Chapman brothers colouring competition: the winners – Results of a contest for kids aged 6-13 to colour in a Chapman brothers’ drawing. I like the one that says ‘I think things in my head but i don’t always want to draw them.’ Freaky kiddy:


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