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Daily Web Wander: 1st September 2010

Posted in Daily Web Wander by thomthumb84 on September 1, 2010
Psychadelic Trees

Image by pumpkincat210 via Flickr

As you may notice I have been surprisingly productive in other areas today so you only get four site listings. Enjoy!

Woman Dies While Stuck In Lover’s Chimney– A woman’s decomposing body has been found wedged inside the chimney of her lover’s home after she tried to sneak into his house:

Good journalism betrays – “Journalism – good journalism, which tells you what’s happening below the bland phrases of press releases – depends on betrayal. We journalists prefer to forget (or have never learned) that fact, but it’s an important one”:

Psychedelic drugs return as potential treatments for mental illness – New research confirms that psychedelic drugs are promising treatments for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and schizophrenia:

Russian officals: hard at work, twittering – “Fitting a message into 140 characters could not be more alien to the political culture of the Kremlin, the institution which perfected the art of the four hour speech. But Monday, when over 200 grandees crammed into the Georgevsky hall of the Kremlin to hear several long winded reports on higher education by the state commission on modernisation, (most of whose members seemed to be well past 60 years old) it was the humble Twitter messages which stole the show.”:


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