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Weekly Web Wander: 9th January 2011

Posted in Daily Web Wander by thomthumb84 on January 9, 2011

Interesting article about the current pressures facing ahmadinejad from

Pankaj Mishra: To see Muslim discourse in politics as a vicious anachronism is to see very little from The Guardian :

Interesting piece on Aram Bartholl’s project involving the creation of anomymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space by ‘injecting’ USB flash drives into publicly accessible walls, buildings and curbs from popupcity.net

I love the lawyer bios at law firm dwf! Some silly pictures and Q&As really add something:

John Gray on humanity’s quest for immortality – How do we deal with a purposeless universe and the finality of death? From Victorian séances to the embalming of Lenin’s corpse to schemes for uploading our minds into cyberspace, there have have been numerous attempts to deny man’s mortality. Why can’t we accept the limits of science? from The Guardian:

Three reasons why US journalists won’t stand up for wikileaks from Newsweek:

Philip Pullman is interviewed on his agnosticism in

Matthew’s blog: Boing boing Martha Nussbaum on the RSA website:


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